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About Us

Aquatic Life Support Group - Asia offers the combined talents and expertise of some of the world's most respected Marine and Freshwater Biologists, Engineers, Life Support Specialists, Aquarium Consultants and Water Treatment Specialists with over 100 years of combined expertise. We are the exclusive agents for AZCO Industries, ClearWater Tech Ozone, ProMedUSA Ozone and Ecosensors in this region.

We represent only the world's top manufacturers of Life Support Equipment - Ozone Generators, Air Dryers, Oxygen Concentrators, Foam Fractionators, Protein Skimmers, etc. The specialists at Aquatic Life Support Group - Asia can recommend the exact mix of equipment , and use our experience to assist you in designing the precise system required for your marine or fresh water aquarium exhibit (300 liters to 30,000,000 liters), aquaculture project, hydroponic farm, or fish farm.

We are the exclusive importers, dealers and distributors for AZCO Industries Ozone Generators and Air Dryers, ClearWater Tech Ozone, ProMedUSA Ozone, and Ecosensors. We service what we sell. Our technicians can keep your LSS equipment operating at full efficiency.


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Aquatic Life Support Group

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